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Jeep ride along dirt and tarmacked roads. On these routes of difficult access you will see part of the peculiar aspects of the island of Gran canaria and you will understand meaning of the famous slogan: "Gran Canaria, a continent in miniature". Survival tour is similar, but including also 30 minutes camel ride.

JEEP SAFARI: Playa del Ingles 47,00€
CAMELS AND JEEPS SAFARI: Playa del Ingles 52,00€
SAFARI: Playa del Ingles 32,00€
HARD-CORE: Playa del Ingles 40,00€
DAY(S): Monday - Sunday
PICK-UP TIME: cca 9:00:00
PICK-UP PLACE: Reception
ESTIMATED RETURN: cca 16:00:00
LANGUAGES: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French
PLACES VISITED: Cercado de Espino - Soria - Presa de Niñas - Ayacata - San Bartolome - Fataga - Ayagaures
OTHER OBSERVATIONS: Bring a jacket and sun cream (swimming suit in summer). Put your camera in a plastic bag to protect it from the dust. Also available variations Jeeps & Adrenaline (Thursday; includes multiadventure games) and Jeeps & Comandos (Wednesdays; includes Paintball)

Book in advance now before the capacity is filled! Try to always book minimum 72 hrs. in advance, to make sure the trip is not fully booked. Pay online only 20€ per adult and 10€ per child ticket, the rest - 27€/32€ per adult and 22€/30€ per child - when you are picked up for your Jeep Safari!
Your reservation will be confirmed by E-mail with the exact date and time.

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Jeep safari on Gran Canaria

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria

When you get a little bit fed up with the sun and the beach (difficult, but very much recommended during your holidays), you should spend one day far away from the touristic places and accompany us for a jeep safari. For sure it is one of the best ways to get to know the authentic places of our beautiful island far away from your hotel or apartment. The beaches and coastline of Gran Canaria are amazing, but the mountains with the wild nature and the valleys with breathtaking views have also their charm, without doubt. So if you are on Gran Canaria for the first time, you should definitely go and explore its inside beauty and what a better way than a jeep safari. You can rent a car and go to a few famous places, but for sure our experienced 4x4 safari drivers have many more surprises to show you. You are still allowed to stop on a many places as if you were in the comfort of your own car and for sure you also meet some new friends while enjoying the fun and adventure on the back of our jeeps.

In the morning, between 8 - 9 o'clock (depending on your location) we set off from the touristic south. After we picked up everybody from their hotels, we head towards the unexplored centre of the island of Gran Canaria for our jeep safari. We will get off the highway near Puerto de Mogan and continue towards the lake area with Presa de Las Ni?as where you can see one of the biggest water reservoirs on Gran Canaria. There you can see also pine trees and picnic area where the locals often enjoy their deserved time off. As we continue on the curvy roads through the centre of the island, you will soon understand a lot about the island's volcanic origins as we will pass along the deep valleys and canyons created millions years ago during the lava eruptions. We will do a few stops so that you can have some rest and admire the impressive countryside. For sure you will be able to do a lot of photos of the Canarian nature and countryside dominated by Roque Nublo, the most symbolic rock of Gran Canaria. You will see the difference with the touristic south straight away, especially in winter when the north is much greener and you will learn about the climate changes of our miniature continent where only a few kilometres can make a huge difference. Therefore we would recommend you to bring a high sun protection as well as a light jacket just in case it gets a little bit chilly in the mountains. You might also get some wind on the back of the jeep, but it's much worth the fun you will have when our drivers take you to the places where you would not get by a normal car, with some dusty roads included. They will also give you a complete information about the island and all its peculiarities.

At midday we will stop for delicious lunch, included in the price and of course composed of a menu with typical Canarian dishes like papas arrugadas, grilled chicken and mixed salad accompanied by a glass of local wine, ice cold beer or a soft drink of your choice. You can tell us in advance if you prefer a vegetarian option and we will organize it for you.

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria

After the lunch and with all the energy recovered we will go even further on this jeep safari in Gran Canaria. Right in the middle of the island, at the highest points you will be able to admire the views of almost the entire island and with good weather and visibility we can often see even the neighbouring island of Tenerife with the highest point of Spain - Mount Teide. At the area of Tejeda you can admire the typical mountain villages and you won't believe it, but in this area you can see even snow at Pozo de Las Nieves in the coldest month of winter. Not very often, don't worry, and because we know that you come to Gran Canaria mainly because of the sun, we will start heading back to the south.

Jeeps and Camels

If you haven't had enough of adventure, you can choose the option "Jeeps and Camels" (leave us a note in the moment of booking and we will organize for you 2in1 option and you get two activities for almost the same price, with only a small supplement). So that you still have more adventure to come, we will stop in a beautiful farm La Baranda where there are exotic trees and a small animal farm, but the biggest attraction are of course the camels. They will take you for a ride through the valley of Fataga, also called a "valley of a thousand palm trees" so for sure you will feel like in a movie riding through this warm valley on one of these tough animals. You know that they can survive several days travelling through the dessert, but our journey will take only about 20 minutes and for sure it will be very entertaining. After the funny show of Don Gustavo, the kissing camel, you can also buy some souvenirs from their little shop or your photo riding on the camel to get a nice memory of this lovely place. If on the other hand you prefer to relax, you can sit in the shade of one of the trees and taste a fresh juice made of oranges, mangos, papayas or other exotic fruit directly from the farm. After all these adventures and more curvy roads to come, for sure you will be ready to head back towards the south where we leave you at your hotel around 4 - 5 o'clock so that you can still jump in the sea to wash off the dust from the mountain roads and review all the beautiful memories from our jeep safari. For sure it will be one of the best days of your holidays on Gran Canaria, don’t miss it and book now!