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What is the most typical dish in Canarian cuisine?

It is called "Papas arrugadas" - wrinkley dry potatoes with akind of spicy pepper sauce, which is a part of another canarian traditional food - the so called "mojos". These are considered some of the most unusual dishes in all Spanish cuisine.

This is a very exotic dish for the tourists and even Spaniards who were not born on the Canary Islands. This dish is made from small fresh potatoes (usually the tiniest potatoes the cook can find) otherwise they will not get their traditional flavor and they will not absorb all the sauce.

They are washed and cleaned (not peeled), and boiled in water (originally seawater, now just heavily salted water) and then baked in their skin until they shrivel. Alternatively, in some other recipes, after cooking in salted water most of the water is discarded and a small amount left until boiled away and the potatoes dry out.

This leaves them with a characteristic dry salt crust on the outside. Mojo sauces (Spanish pronunciation: [?moxo]) is the name of several types of sauces, different in spice and flavour typical for the Canary Islands. It is most often either a red (Mojo rojo), green(mojo suave) or orange sauce(mojo picon). The main recipe is olive oil, a lot of garlic, paprika, and cummins. Flavours like vinegar, lemon, orange or lime juice might be added. Apart from being used for the potatoes it is also served with fresh and tasty garlic bread rolls called "Pan con ajo".


So to enjoy a typical canrian dish when going to a restaurant start with "Papas arrugadas" and "Pan con ajo". Enjoy!