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Have you heard that the original population of Gran Canaria was aborigines called Guanches?

And did you know that according to the legends they had light hair and blue eyes? There is evidence they have been on the island already in the VII century.
Gran Canaria was then called Tamaran and the Guanches were very brave and proud - during the Spanish conquest around 15th century many of them chose jumping off the highest cliff rather than being defeated by the Spanish army.

If you would like to learn more about the Guanche history and see some archeological curiosities from the early days of Gran Canaria - you need to visit the cave museum called "Cueva pintada". It is located on the north of the island - ina city called Galdar. This used to be a centre for rituals of the aborigines and today apart from being a museum showing us the history and origins of the island, it is also a centre for major archeological studies to find unknown facts from Gran Canaria's early days.

And as a Guanche would say: "Tamaragua Tamaran!" - Welcome to Gran Canaria!